Cantharellus miniatescens is lectotypified. An epitype sequenced for four gene regions (LSU, mitSSU, RPB2 and Tef1-alpha) is selected among recent collections from Cameroon and Central African Republic and fully described and illustrated. Complete ITS sequences have been deposited as barcodes. The systematic position is determined using a multigene phylogenetic analysis which places this species in Cantharellus subg. Pseudocantharellus in agreement with its morphological features.


Buyck B, Henkel T, Dentinger B, Séné O, Hofstetter V. (2016). Multigene Sequencing Provides a Suitable Epitype, Barcode Sequences and a Precise Systematic Position for the Enigmatic, African Cantharellus miniatescens. Cryptogamie Mycologie. 37. 269-282.

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