Stinging caterpillars can be a real “pain” in the tropical rainforest….but that doesn’t stop the killer fungi. Check out the asexual and sexual stages of an undescribed species of Cordyceps from the jungles of the Guiana Shield (Video by Michael Joyce).


All fungi are great, but some are just awesome! Check out this view of Amauroderma britonnii, a root rot fungus from the jungles of Guyana (Video by Michael Joyce).

Aerial Roots

Can mycorrhizae live in “space”? Check this example of ectomycorrhizal aerial root mats of Dicymbe corymbosa. Tomentella fungi form dense hyphal mats on the roots hanging from the tree, a previously undocumented phenomenon (Video by Michael Joyce).

Pseudotulostoma volvata

Fungal species new to science are a given in the tropics…but what about a new GENUS?! Pseudotulostoma volvata from the Guiana Shield wants to be a truffle, but instead its a stalked “puffball” – go figure (Video by Michael Joyce).

Wet Aerial Roots

Are aerial ectomycorrhizal roots of Dicymbe corymbosa involved in throughfall capture of nutrients? Watch the water drip….. (Video by Michael Joyce)

Walaba (Lance’s Plot)

Old growth trees are great, but some are truly awesome! See this fine example of “walaba”, Eperua falcata, in the tropical rainforest of the Guiana Shield. This tree is covered with the hemiepiphyte Clusia grandiflora (Video by Michael Joyce).

Deadwood Decay

Decay rules! Fungi are critical in the decomposition of deadwood and recycling of nutrients – watch this example from a Neotropical rainforest (Video by Michael Joyce).

Dicymbe corymbosa mast fruiting

Can you say “reproductive success”? What Janzen-Connell effects? See an extraordinary example of seed & seedling establishment under parents in the tropical monodominant tree Dicymbe corymbosa (Video by Michael Joyce).

Across the wild green yonder

Take a bush flight over the vast tropical forests of Guyana (Video by Michael Joyce).


One spider feeding on the gooey remains of another is not a pretty site, but is a reminder of the amazing biology of these organisms. Watch this tarantula palpate and suck the carcass of his kindred in the Neotropical rainforest (Video by Michael Joyce).

Tachigali vs. Dicymbe

What happens when a suicidal rainforest tree meets one that may never die? Check out this comparison of Tachigali sp., a “monocarpic” canopy tree, and Dicymbe corymbosa, a mast fruiter with reiterative growth and indeterminate life span, growing side by side in Guyana’s rainforest (Video by Michael Joyce).

Big DC Daddy

Hoy, hoy, is this tree 1000 years old? No one knows, but Dicymbe corymbosa‘s reiterative structure involves an indeterminate life of endless roots and shoots. Take a look at DC Big Daddy, the largest D. corymbosa ever found over 13 years of exploring Guyana’s remote rainforests (Video by Michael Joyce).