Confirmed Ectomycorrhizal Host Plants of Guyana

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Dicymbe corymbosa (Caesalpinioideae)

  1. Mature tree
  2. Large root mound
  3. Flower
  4. Adventitious roots
  5. Massive pseudotrunk
  6. Root mound with people
  7. Flowers and developing fruits
  8. Mature tree with Ganoderma rot
  9. Young tree

Dicymbe altsonii (Caesalpinioideae)

  1. Peter Joseph with Dicymbe altsonii
  2. Mature Dicymbe altsonii at Upper Ireng
  3. Mature Dicymbe altsonii root sampling, Upper Potaro Basin

Dicymbe jenmanii (Caesalpinioideae)

  1. Dicymbe jenmanii small tree
  2. Dicymbe jenmanii habit
  3. Dicymbe jenmanii developing fruits
  4. Dicymbe jenmanii, interior forest form, Ayanganna savannas

Aldina insignis (Papilionoideae)

  1. Chris Andrew at the base of mature Aldina tree
  2. Aldina insignis, Upper Potaro Basin

Pakaraimaea dipterocarpacea (Dipterocarpaceae)

  1. Small coppiced tree in Venezuelan forest (photo by B. Moyersoen)
  2. Chri Andrew with 212 cm dbh Pakaraimaea dipterocarpacea, Ayanganna savannas
  3. Freshly harvested boletoid ectomycorrhizae from Pakaraimaea dipterocarpacea
  4. Pakaraimaea dipterocarpaceae fringing forest, Ayanganna savannas
  5. Pakaraimaea dipterocarpaceae, natural coppicing
  6. Pakaraimaea-dominated fringing forest, Ayanganna savannas
  7. Peter Joseph with 134 cm dbh Pakaraimaea dipterocarpacea, Ayanganna savannas

Coccoloba aff. marginata (Polygonaceae)

  1. Coccoloba aff. marginata liana, Mabura Ecological Reserve

Coccoloba excelsa (Polygonaceae)

  1. Coccoloba excelsa leaf morphology, Mabura Ecological Reserve
  2. Coccoloba excelsa liana complex, Mabura Ecological Reserve
  3. Coccoloba excelsa root sampling, Mabura Ecological Reserve

Putative Ectomycorrhizal Host Plant

  1. Mora gongrijpii (Caesalpinioideae)

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